Accessible for more patients

Ability to scan patients who were previously excluded due to magnetized material, such as implanted stimulators, dental fillings, or braces


The most options available in a MEG system to optimize the ergonomic experience for the operator and patient

Clinical Value to the Hospital

Provides clinicians with non-redundant data to support clinical decision-making

Real-time assessment of neural activity with millimeter accuracy and millisecond resolution


Clinical decision-making with information that matters


Automatic removal of noise from metal artifacts and challenging environments for less manual processing and more time with the patient


Built on a foundation of consistent performance and clinical use for identifying an epileptic activity or mapping brain functions near a brain tumor

Enhanced Patient Ergonomics and Positioning

Versatile patient positioning options

Optional chair adjustment system for optimal positioning of the patient’s head for the scan

Ability to record younger patients with a new pediatric comfort set designed to fit pediatric patients firmly and keep them comfortable