Spine phantom for SBRT

Meeting TG-51 dosimetric requirements RTsafe 3D printed Spine phantoms for SBRT are uniquely constructed to enable high-resolution dosimetric analysis and quality assurance evaluation of challenging spine radiosurgery cases testing compliance to TG-51 guidelines. Enhancing clinical confidence with end-to-end testing of quality assurance testing of SBRT procedures, RTsafe SBRT 3D printed phantoms are an ideal choice for SBRT quality assurance, building confidence and ensuring safety in treatment delivery for patients treated with hypofractionated treatment. Spine SBRT phantoms are properly machined to accommodate two point dosimeters (i.e., ion chambers, dosimetry diodes etc.) inside the spinal cord and spinal bone.

Key Features:

  • 3D printed bone anatomy with density corresponding to bone equivalent materials
  • Accurate replica of a reference female real patient’s anatomy
  • No need to provide your own CT scans
  • Can incorporate insert(s) to accommodate any type and model of point detector(s)
  • Comprises all steps of treatment chain: planning-CT, TPS, set-up, image guidance, treatment delivery


  • No need to select and anonymize the CT scan of one of your patients.
  • You can easily perform absolute dose measurements in spinal cord and spinal bone using your own equipment.

Technical Specifications

View Spine phantom technical specifications here.


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