A new era in intracranial radiosurgery

Building on Leksell Gamma Knife® precision and adding new technology, Leksell Gamma Knife® Icon™ gives clinicians the option to perform single or fractionated frame-based or frameless treatments, allowing for more individualized delivery—without sacrificing precision and accuracy. Addressing the growing radiosurgery market, Icon makes Leksell Gamma Knife radiosurgery more flexible and easier to use, allowing more clinics to build an intracranial radiosurgery program.

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Unique Features

  • Fully integrated, non-complex system design
  • Automatic delivery correction and dose evaluation
  • 2-4 times lower dose to healthy brain

Essential Features

  • Quick QA procedure (maximum 10 minute daily)
  • Fast and intuitive dose planning
  • Icon users average >500 intracranial radiosurgery cases/year

Clinical confidence

Consistently accurate and precise treatment delivery

“The ability to fractionate treatments has allowed us to expand the case mix, for example to patients with tumors that are situated close to critical structures, allowing such patients to benefit from the superior dosimetry of Leksell Gamma Knife.”

Dr. Dheerendra Prasad, Neurosurgeon and Radiation Oncologist
Roswell Park Cancer Institute USA

No need for margins

Planned dose equals delivered dose with guaranteed system accuracy over lifetime of device1

Lower dose to healthy tissue

2-4 times lower dose to healthy brain and lowest dose to rest of body compared to other SRS modalities2

Evidence-based performance

Clinically proven, extensively published and expertly supported technology

Outstanding performance

Designed to ensure maximum availability

“We need Icon to cover all of the patients requiring Gamma Knife treatment. With Icon, we can expand the treatment volumes with Gamma Knife and treat 10 to 20 percent more patients.”

Dr. Jung II Lee, Neurosurgeon
Samsung Medical Center, South Korea

Guaranteed >98% uptime

Fully integrated system design – with no moving parts during delivery – ensures minimal downtime

Flexible and intuitive workflows

Well-defined workflows enable fast and intuitive dose planning, even for complex cases

Operational efficiency

Fully automated treatment delivery allows for small teams and high throughput regardless of treatment volume

Stand out with the best

The clear choice for intracranial radiosurgery

“We invested in Icon for its flexibility and for the ability to extend the advantages of Gamma Knife’s dose conformality and drop off to a wider range of patients including those with larger lesions or lesions abutting sensitive organs.”

Dr. Alison Cameron, Radiation Oncologist
Bristol Oncology Centre, UK

System without compromise

Icon is specifically designed for intracranial radiosurgery and has unique dosimetrical capabilities

Individual treatment

Equally high accuracy and ease of use for frame-based or frameless treatments, and for single or multiple targets

Future-safe technology

Well-defined upgrade paths and proactive support through Elekta Care service

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